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Founder of the brand in 2020, Christine has always been passionate about
natural cosmetics and is committed to helping women and men take care of
their bodies.
Originally from Cameroon in Central Africa, Christine grew up in France
where she pursued her higher education and traveled to Canada in 2008.
While studying, she discovered her true passion:
Beauty industry.

In 2012, Christine opened the “MunaSu African Store” in Calgary where
she has offered hair extensions and skin care services as well as a wide
range of skin care brands.

After nearly ten years of talking to her clients about the benefits of
natural and organic cosmetics, Christine very quickly wanted to go
Its objective today is to make healthy products available to its

From a passion for healthy cosmetics and the desire to help women and
men always take care of them, this is how Natural and Beautiful
Cosmetics was born!

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Customer Reviews

Natural & Beautiful

Customer Reviews

Urielle B.

Cette crème a une odeur très agréable et neutre à la fois et elle n'est pas du tout grasse, ce qui est très bien pour les peaux grasses. Je l'utilise le matin et le soir lorsque j'ai une poussé d'acné puis je réduis la fréquence lorsque mes boutons disparaissent sous l'effet de la crème. Du coup, j'ai hâte de tester le gommage et le gel douche!

Alyssa H.

From the acne cream to my weaves, everything has been consistent and an extremely pleasant time. The acne cream has cleared up my break out spots better than tons of other products I’ve tried on my extremely sensitive skin, without burning or irritation I’m happy to say this cream has helped remarkably! Every installation I have gotten over 5

Christiane D.

I have been using clear Acnyl Cream for the past 5 months and I'm 100% satisfied with this product. This product cleared up all my dark spots on my face also the freckles around my neck. So, I recommend anyone who has the same issue to try CLEAR ACNYL CREAM from Natural & Beautiful Cosmetics. This product is amazing and reflects the beauty of your skin. Love it!!!